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Savannah Based Dog Training Serving Georgia and South Carolina

Based in Savannah, DogWorx is the last stop in dog obedience training, fearful dog training, and dog aggression training issues in Savannah, Clarksville, and Fort Charleston, though we serve clients from all over Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Whether you have a rambunction puppy that needs direction, and out-of-control dog that you dream of actually listening to you, on or off leash, or a more serious case of reactivity, fear, or aggression, we've got the answers you need. 

Why Choose DogWorx - Dog Training?

DogWorx is the highest quality dog training you can get in Savannah, Nashville, Hilton Head Island and throughout the Southeast. Everyday we work with dogs who have behavior issues such as fear, anxiety, nervousness, dog aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, leash aggression, and leash reactivity. 

We consistently prevent these dogs from being surrendered or put down. The dogs we work with are the ones that other dog trainers have either refused to train or were unable. We have huge success where others give up. 



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What DogWorx Clients Are Saying

We love our clients from, Charleston, Nashville and all over Georgia, South Carolina, Clarksville, and Tennessee. 

The best dog training in Savannah, GA specializing in adult dog training, puppy training, behavior therapy training, and more.