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What Makes DogWorx The Best Dog Obedience Training In Savannah, Georgia?

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We are more than just Dog Trainers: We all started our journey into the dog training world as we looked for answers when our own dogs were beyond what we could handle. So we know where you are now, how you feel, and what your’e looking for.

When you talk to us, you will not only talk to someone who was in your shoes, but also someone who has the knowledge, training and experience to help you and your dog.  My team and I have spent years crafting our skills and experience, and have created programs that offer the very best answers and solutions to even the most challenging dog obedience issues, and has allowed us to regularly perform “miracles” with dogs that other trainers have given up on, or are unwilling to work with.

Our Mission

As people who started many years ago with our own dogs who suffered with severe aggression and behavior problems, we know firsthand what it’s like to feel frustrated and hopeless. The good news is, there is hope!

Our mission is simple: Help you and your dog overcome any and all struggles, and be part of your story to a happier, more balanced dog that can enjoy the rest of their life next to you.

What We Believe

We believe that everyone has the chance to a happy, fulfilling, and incredible life with their dog – We know that you can have the dog of your dreams! We believe in helping you finding answers and the proper training for your dog, and making the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Training your dog to be the best they can be can not only a possibility, but will become your reality when you come training with us. 

Our Savannah Dog Training Facilities

Our Facilities are “homestyle”, meaning that your dog stays with us as part of our family, and provided a relaxed and safe environment to allows dogs to gain confidence and learn quickly: They sleep where our dogs sleep, play where our dogs play, and train both indoors and outdoors, in an everyday setting that allows them to learn while still being “at home”.

Our location is surrounded by nature trails, as well as the famous and bustling downtown of Savannah, Georgia. This gives us the chance to expose your dog to city distractions, as well as nature trails and wildlife so that they can not only learn to behave better but behave better anywhere you take them.

All dogs sleep in a climate-controlled room, in spacious crates with custom-crafted memory foam pads for comfort, and monitored 24/7 by our state of the art wireless camera system.

We are insured & bonded through The Carolina’s Insurance Company, the leading insurance for pet professionals in the United States.

The DogWorx Family


Founder & Senior Trainer

Hey everyone! I’m Enrique, founder and Senior trainer at DogWorx.

The story behind my journey goes beyond attending dog training classes or certifications: dogs haven’t only change my life – they saved it. During my lowest points in life my dog was right alongside of me, always faithful. Seeing the devotion and love my dog gave me, I wanted to learn how to communicate with him, and help him overcome his own behavior problems.

That idea turned into a goal, that goal turned into a passion, that passion turned into a lifestyle. A lifestyle of freedom, travel and great memories alongside my dog, where the only limit was my imagination, not my dog’s behavior or abilities. And this is the lifestyle that I am ready to share with you.

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Assistant Trainer

Hi I’m Meagan the assistant trainer here at DogWorx! My passion has always been working with animals. I became a certified vet tech right after high school and even though I loved taking care of animals in need, I wanted to do something more. Now I’m training dogs, teaching people and changing lives, just like our motto! It’s been an amazing experience and I look forward to it every day. 

*Meagan the head one-on-one sessions trainer here at DogWorx. Whether you are coming to us, or we are coming to you, she is the one you will be working with. She also works with your dog as an assistant trainer alongside Enrique when you do a board and train with us.

We are Accredited Professionals under the International Association of Canine Professionals, and hold several certifications in a wide variety of dog training fields.

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